Thursday, April 15, 2010

I bought a great new reading device ...

it's called the PortaBook ("as seen on TV!") made (designed) by an Italian company, LeggiComodo (translation: "more convenient"). You can see it here: PortaBookLaptop "the multifunctional book and laptop stand". Be sure to watch the demo video. Basically, the PortaBook is a clever plastic easel, sized for laptop computers, and books.

After using the iPad for a few days, I knew that I needed a case, like the Apple case, that would allow the tablet to stand up. It is just too heavy to hold in your hands for long periods, and when reading at the lunch table, your hands are occupied. So I went to Best Buy and bought the case. I then went next door to the OfficeMax to get some filing supplies and asked about a book holder ("like for a cookbook"). They showed me the PortaBook (for $9.99, not $19.99 as sold online!).

The Apple iPad Case is nice for viewing video, some reading, and for typing, especially on the go. If you buy an iPad, you will need the case! It also protects the tablet, though of course it makes it even heavier.

The PortaBook not only holds the iPad at several viewing angles, but also works well for magazines (the paper kind -- which I still read at lunch, too), and as a portable note table or clipboard. So until everything goes electronic, it does the job for both book and e-book.

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